Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Much to Tell, So Little Space

First of all, I know you're wondering...

How was Josh's shower last night?

Unfortunately, it was a little bit of a let-down for him. It started with his standing on one foot outside the shower wondering how he was supposed to actually get into the shower. He decided hopping over the little ledge onto the wet floor was a bad idea. Smart guy.

I'm not exactly sure of the details, but based on the plethora of geriatric equipment in the bathroom this morning, I'm thinking it had something to do with an obstacle course of bath chairs and walkers.

But now for a shift in topics. Our little niece, Emma, had her first birthday party this weekend. Parties at Bethany and Bailey's house are always tons of fun, and this one was no exception. The weather was nothing short of gorgeous, and we spent most of the day outside with the kiddos.

They had fun swinging:

Chatting on the back porch:

And just lounging around:

But the highlight of the day was cake and presents. Isabel just hung out and watched the festivities (remember, this was two days pre-boot):

But the boys took to beating up Pop with blow-up toys:

Remember this post? We thought Isabel knew how to dive into a first birthday cake. Well, she's got nothing on little Emma. When Bethany first gave Emma her smash cake, she was reserved and calm. You could even say she was delicate.

Not long after that, though, she got a little more aggressive with her cake-eating:

Then it actually got a little scary. It was like a wild beast had been unleashed in the high chair. Our sweet little angel-niece turned into a crazy cake-eating fiend.

And she did this.

She's not saying much yet, but something tells me that Emma really enjoyed her first birthday!

Not to be left out of the fun, Isabel "asked" Nanny to pick her up...

...and she sweetly pointed out the cake on Nanny's plate.

And, of course, Nanny was happy to share!

There were some intense Corn-Hole games going on as well, but they'll need to wait for another day, another post.

Happy Birthday, Emma! (It should be noted that it's now Tuesday, and Emma has yet to go to bed after her party on Saturday. She's still on a sugar high!)

Allow me one tiny rabbit trail here. As we were leaving ballet yesterday, it hit me that I never posted a couple of very special pictures from our visit to Marietta last weekend. For those of you who don't know this, Josh's mom, GrandPam, is a ballerina at heart. So of course I had to snap these pictures as she was helping Abby and Jack dance to The Wiggles last weekend. Too cute!!!

Pam, if Abigail gets stage-fright at her first little ballet recital, maybe Miss Carly will let you take her place!!

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Libby Robison said...

Love the birthday photos, especially the one of you, Beth and all the children (that's my favorite!) There's also one of your Mom and one of the grandchildren (I think it was Brayden) on your website that is simply beautiful of Mary! Beautiful photos!

Love, Aunt Libby