Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My new toy

Josh gathered several family members together to pitch in for my 30th birthday gift in October. I was beyond ecstatic when I opened my surprise and saw a new digital camera that I had been eyeing for ages now!! I had a perfectly good "point-and-shoot" digital camera (and by perfectly good, I mean a couple of the buttons had fallen off, and the battery compartment was duct-taped shut!) I was so excited to take a few steps up in the world of cameras!!

I have always dabbled a little in photography, and when I got the new camera, I thought this would be the perfect time to actually try to do something with it. I LOVE taking pictures of babies, children, and families, but because I'm always behind the camera, I don't usually make the shot. Mommy gets left out!! So one day during Jack and Abby's nap, I set up a makeshift studio and started to work. I absolutely adore the infant stage of having children, so I wanted to capture Isabel on film before that stage was gone. Here are a few of my favorites...