Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tummy Bad

The first item of business is to let you all know that Jack hasn't thrown up in right at 24 hours!! You can't possibly understand the miracle of that without knowing or remembering these two things. First of all, Jack has an immune deficiency that causes him to react more strongly than most children do to typical illnesses; and secondly, of the two tummy bugs going around here right now, neither involves less than enormous amounts of fluid loss (through various paths out of the body).

Jack's fever is up a good bit again tonight, but the biggest battle he's fighting is with nausea. He'll go a little while feeling pretty good, and then he'll touch his tummy and say "tummy bad" and begin to cry. We had actually gone outside for some fresh air when another wave hit him this afternoon.

(you can click on the picture to enlarge really get the full effect of his pitiful face then)

So I guess tonight's prayers would be first for thanksgiving that Jack is no longer vomiting and secondly for the nausea and his fever to go away. And of course, please pray for the girls (and us)...Izzy is apparently determined that Jack should share everything with her (such as the cup she found again today and drank well as the germs it had all over it!). Aarrgghhh!

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Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I hope everyone else can stay healthy. Love to All! Alicia