Friday, April 3, 2009

She's a Genius!

I was officially baffled. Jack's fever was up (and staying there)...he was complaining of his stomach hurting...but he wasn't throwing up at all.

Then she called.

My sweet sister-in-law called me and asked if I had thought about the possibility of Jack's illness being caused by strep. Apparently there's this weird strain of strep going around whose main symptoms are high fever, vomiting at the onset, and abdominal pain. When Jack started throwing up on Wednesday, I immediately assumed we had been discovered. The tummy bug knew where we lived. I was so far down that path that I had completely forgotten a conversation I had had with some of the other moms in Abigail's ballet class on Monday (just two days earlier) about this very thing. One mom even knew a girl who went into kidney failure before they finally pinpointed what was causing her symptoms. It never even crossed my mind again until Angie called.

Now fast-forward a few hours. We're sitting in the pediatrician's office, Jack's fever is 104 degrees, he's extremely lethargic and feeling nothing short of rotten. His bloodwork showed very elevated viral counts but a white count that was in the normal range.

It's times like this that remind me of why I love our pediatrician. He said that the bloodwork made it look like this was simply a nasty fever bug, but he just didn't have a good feeling about it, so he went ahead with a strep test (despite the fact that Jack's white count wasn't elevated). Twenty minutes later he walked in and said it was definitely positive. Jack's got strep.

Because Jack seemed to be headed downhill so quickly, the doctor went ahead and gave him an antibiotic shot rather than waiting for oral meds to kick in. And let's just say that in the past two hours, Jack has gone from feeling like he was run over by a semi to this:

So Aunt Angie, we're convinced that you're a genius! And we're so thankful you called with the strep saved us what would have been a lengthy (and very germy) visit to Children's South this weekend!


Aunt Libby said...

Strep! Oh, no, that's not good! I hope it doesn't go through the rest of the family! I'm glad Jack is feeling better.

Aunt Libby

Anna said...

WOW! i can tell i've been out of commission for a few days. the last post i saw was mondays when i checked again on tuesday. then we got sick wednesday, and i havent checked back. i always KNOW when something's going on. why i don't email or call to check, i'll never know!

i'm so sorry sweetie! poor baby boy! so thankful angie called and you headed to the dr and your dr didnt give up! what a remarkable difference that antibiotic shot made! i hope he's continuing to feel a million times better!!! (and that no one else gets it!!!) big hugs to everyone!