Monday, April 27, 2009

A Story Not About Potties

Josh had another appointment with his orthopedic surgeon today, and it's a "good news, bad news" report.

The good news is that Josh got to come out of the boot!

The bad news is that his right leg looks like it belongs on a big red elephant!

The BBB (Big Black Boot) was the last remaining outward sign of Josh's injury (other than the puffy red leg, of course). There are now no crutches, no walker, no wheelchair...and no boot. Since Josh began standing independently on that leg last week, I even moved the bath chair down into the basement today.

At least I tried to.

I was catching up on some housework while the little two were napping today, and I realized that I'd heard very little from my typically verbal (translation: non-stop talker) daughter. Had Jack been unusually quiet like that, I would have thrown the toilet brush into the air and raced like my life depended on it to see what he was into. Silence usually means trouble with him. It's the same with Isabel. I could insert a story here, but I'll spare you grotesqueness of what I had to experience last week.

But you should always, always unclog the potty immediately. Don't leave it for your husband to take care of. And really don't leave the door open to the bathroom containing said clogged potty while you're upstairs putting away laundry. Really, don't. And no, I wasn't responsible for the potty problem.

Abby isn't quite as "curious" as the littlest two, so her silence usually means she's busy doing something creative. It may be writing a story (composed completely from the letters of her first name), making a delicious play-doh meal, or collecting weeds flowers from the backyard. So when I noticed that I hadn't seen her in a while, I finished cleaning the potty and headed downstairs to see what she was up to. And this is what I found:

Does your four-year-old sit in a bath chair and read the Bible in the middle of your kitchen?

I didn't think so.

I still had a zoom lens on my camera from my session on Saturday, so you can't get the full effect in that picture. So when I got Jack and Isabel up from their naps and brought them down for snacks, I changed lenses and grabbed another shot that shows you a little more about Abby's project.

I don't think you can see them all there, but she had moved eight chairs from all over the house into the kitchen and proceeded to plop down in the previously-done-away-with bath chair for a little light reading.

Where does she come up with this stuff?!?

The best part, though, was listening to her recount a delightful (sometimes hysterical) combination of Bible stories, praise and worship songs, and Scripture. I now realize she's learned a lot about God and His Word in her short life...we just might need to work on the coherency of her retelling it!

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but Isabel's just too cute in it not to share:


Brian and Jen said...

That is great!!! Brian and I just got a really big laugh out of the potty stories!! They are all 3 too cute!

Brian and Jen said...

That is great! Brian and I just got a good laugh out of the potty stories!! They are all 3 too cute!