Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pray, pray, pray!!

There's a tummy bug going around our city.

But it's not just any tummy's a seriously vicious one that takes out anyone in its path. We know of at least two families whose children have had to make trips to Children's Hospital because of severe dehydration. So imagine how my heart skipped a beat when Jack threw up this afternoon at 4:15. I was in another room changing Izzy's diaper, so I didn't see the circumstances around it. He was eating peanuts...could he have choked? Maybe he tried to say something with food in his mouth? I was actually beginning to buy my own pathetic theories until he threw up again at 7:30 tonight. And unfortunately this was no normal throw-up. I'll spare you the nitty-gritty, but I do have one question. How does a child who only weighs 35 pounds expel 45 pounds worth of vomit?

Enough of that.

Needless to say, Jack's had a pretty rough night. So rough, in fact, that he fell asleep on the bathroom floor while I was cleaning up the aftermath of his dinner (why, oh why, did I make something with a red tomato base?)

(yep, that's a throw-up bowl beside him)

We pray daily for the health of our children, families, and friends, but it goes without saying that we really kicked it into high gear once we saw the direction this was going. Our family surrounded Jack as he lay on the floor, and we prayed for God to protect him, to heal him, and to keep the rest of us safe from this bug. It warmed my heart to hear Abby pray for her little brother and ask God to "help him feel better and to have a good night's sleep".

She asked God for healing. She believes that He'll do it. And we do too.

I just put Jack to bed for the night a few minutes ago, and his fever was down (from 103.5), he hadn't thrown up any more, and he was keeping down a few sips of water.

But there's another angle to this story. I kept my sister's son, Brayden, while she took their littlest one (excluding the one in her tummy) to the doctor for a well-baby visit this morning. And remember how I mentioned that Jack threw up for the first time at 4:15? I caught Isabel drinking from Jack's sippy cup at 5:00.

Pray, pray, pray!!

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