Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Little Piggy...

I have a hard time believing I'm even writing this, but Isabel is turning ONE next week!! We thought hard about what kind of party to have for her, and finally Josh came up with the perfect theme...a PIGGY PARTY!

Random? Not quite as much as you might think.

One of Izzy's little quirks is the squishy face she makes all the time.

Admit it...she looks like a little piggy, doesn't she? Hence the party theme.

Izzy had loads of fun opening her gifts... well as gnawing on them!

But folks, I've never seen anything like what I witnessed when she got a hold of her smash cake. Considering this is the third "1st birthday" party I've done, I thought I knew what to expect. Abby? Definitely a little weirded out by the messy icing. And Jack? Not only did he not dive in, he was actually content to sit back and let Abby feed it to him.

Izzy definitely blew my preconceived ideas out of the water!

Let me tell you the story "bookend style". Here's the before shot:

And here's the after:

What happened in the middle is the best part, though. Here's a quick picture sequence (taken over a matter of about four seconds) to show you Isabel's "enthusiasm" for her first bite of cake. Notice that she's already grabbing for it before it's even on her tray (and no, we didn't let her touch the candle)!

She was somewhat tame until she tasted sugar for the first time, and then she went straight into "shovel and inhale" mode:

In all fairness, she did have a little help from some very willing siblings:

Her cousin, Brayden, was happy to lend his services as well. Check out his finger (inside the cake) in the first picture and his face in the second. "Cake? What cake?"

Isabel is pretty sure that eating cake is the best thing she's done in her whole life (all 360 days of it)!

I'm sure I'll be back with more pictures on her birthday. This little piggy is growing up!!


Anna said...

awwww! happy birthday izzy! what cute pictures and a precious cake! how much fun! oh dear...i have no idea what addie will do with hers. and oh my goodness...that means she's like 10 weeks from turning one. 1st time mom freak out! anyway! i loved seeing your christmas pictures. i've been checking every couple of days but am WAY behind on comments :) we'll have to try to get together this week or next! love ya'll!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun time we had! I know it's very cliche', but, honestly, where has the time gone!!
Wasn't it only yesterday, just past midnight, that Grampam, Pop and I watched Dr. Ross walk down the hospital hall and into your room to deliver our newest little angel?! And Josh got to announce that he was the proud daddy of another sweet baby girl! Yes, in my memory, I'm sure it was only yesterday.
love, Nanny