Thursday, April 9, 2009

We've Got Action!

Getting the cast off on Monday was all the incentive Josh needed to get up and go. On Tuesday, he took his crutches to work and used them throughout the day to help him put minimal weight on his leg. Yesterday, he took both of them but was able to get around better and put a little more pressure on that leg as he walked. Then today, I wasn't sure what he had decided to do until Jack ran into the kitchen this morning with one of Josh's crutches screaming "Oh no! Daddy's walk-walk!!"

Around here, "walk-walk" is synonymous with "walker", "wheelchair", and apparently "crutches".

So there it was. Josh took the plunge and only took one of his crutches to work. And I got an e-mail around lunchtime telling me that he had taken his first two steps without any help!

Which brings me to my next point. Who won the bet? I can't believe I didn't post anything, but Isabel finally took her first two steps on Tuesday night. Technically, I guess she took her first steps earlier than Josh did, but if I remember correctly, the contest was about who would start walking first. And although I don't think Josh is going to be running any marathons in the next few weeks, I definitely think he's going to be walking without any help long before Izzy is. Sorry Little Iz, but Daddy may have gotten you on this one!

But to prove she's trying to catch up, here are some photos from her practice-session with Abby tonight.

I love how well you can see her sweet little dimple in this one:

Everybody was tired from a fun trip to the zoo, a stroll around the neighborhood (that included Josh walking with one crutch, not riding in the wheelchair), and playing outside once when we got home, so we did the fast-track version of the bedtime routine and put everybody down. Jack crawled up into Abby's bed, and she asked if he could sleep with her. Now they've done this once before, and knowing it wouldn't last more than two minutes, we said sure. As expected, we were barely out of the room before we heard giggles. So when they wanted to sleep together tonight, we once again humored them by agreeing.

But something was different this time.

We prayed together, kissed their little wet heads, turned out the light, and left. We waited outside the door for the laughter to start, but we heard nothing but silence. So we came downstairs and decided to give them a few more minutes to start goofing around.

Still nothing.

I went back up a little while later and saw two little munchkins side by side asleep in Abby's twin bed. Precious.

You know me. I immediately ran downstairs to grab the camera and get a shot of them. But apparently I need to brush up on my stealth skills, because when I walked into their room, instead of turning on their closet light so I could see better, I accidentally turned on the overhead light.

Great. Now Jack's awake.

I convinced him to stay in the bed so I could get that picture, but he wasn't getting the pretend like you're asleep part, so this is the picture I got...which is actually pretty sweet itself! I love that little grin you can see in the background.

I decided to go ahead and put him back in his bed, but when I laid my camera down so I could pick Jack up, I knocked the lamp over.

Great. Now Abby's up, too.

Thankfully, our kiddos really love to sleep, so I put everybody back in their respective beds, and they were out in no time. And it's getting late, so hopefully I will be, too. Good night!!!


Alicia said...

How sweet! Yay for Josh and Izzie! I can't wait until May to see all you guys. Harrison and Izzie will be sooo precious together! Love you!

Sherry Strickland Faucett said...

I love reading your blog!! It is always so precious!! Clayton was 15 months before he started walking:) He likes to take is time with things :)

Anna said...

what a precious picture! i love jack's smile! i bet izzy will be walking before Addie. Addie has no interest in walking behind things! She is standing alone more. and man can she crawl! We've got to find a time to get together. maybe the girls will rub off on each other and both start walking!
love you!