Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Promise It's Clean

Little Boy feels better.

Mommy is glad.

Little Boy wants to run and play.

Mommy's not so sure that's a good idea.

Little Boy doesn't think he needs the throw-up bowl anymore.

Mommy says Little Boy should keep the throw-up bowl just in case there's a sneak attack (after all, Little Boy has a very curious Little Sister who would love to explore the collateral damage of a sneak attack).

Little Boy decides the throw-up bowl's not so bad after all!

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Aunt Libby said...

Oh Allison, I'm so sorry that nasty bug has invaded your home, and I hope Jack is much better. I pray that none of the other little ones (or you guys either) come down with it. This vicious little virus put Nicki in the hospital for a few days when she had it a while back. It attacks viciously! Praying all is well by the time you read this.

Aunt Libby.