Monday, April 6, 2009

Looks Like We May Need a New Water Heater


Josh's next ortho appointment is at 4:00 today. And to say that Josh is elated over the possibility of getting his cast off for good is an understatement. Last night he announced that if he gets his cast off this afternoon, he's coming straight home, booking it up to our bathroom, and taking a five-hour shower. Bless his heart, the poor guy is so tired of the bath chair!!!
I'll be back with the verdict when we get home. :-)

So we went to the appointment and after yet another round of x-rays, the determination was made.

But I'll let Josh be the one to tell you the news...

Everything the doctor told us was even better than we had hoped for! Not only did Josh get the cast off, but he only has to wear the boot for about three more weeks. AND, he gets to wean himself off of crutches over the next week. You know what that means? Look out folks, because he's going back on the road next Monday!! The doctor said he can take the boot off to sleep, drive, and shower (which made him squeal like a little girl).

Getting the cast off: $0 (after the $1,000 surgery/doctor's copays)
Eating Chipotle for a celebration dinner: $22
Watching "24" when the kids go down: $48/month for satellite

Getting to take a shower tonight: priceless


Aaron and Michelle said...

Since I obviously haven't gotten around to getting you all a dinner together before his cast hopefully comes off, I would definitely be willing to chip in a little for the water heater if Josh decides to take this 5 hour shower!!! We are praying for it to come off!!! That would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

That happy dance might find yourself in a whole body cast!

So happy for you,

TheLinFamily said...

Just replied to his email but YAY for no cast and YAY for a five hour shower! I guess this means his days of cripple corn hole are over? And does this mean that you might be moving away from Geriatric Lane? Glad we can chuckle about all this now! Love you all

Aunt Libby said...

Congrats Josh.....I know EXACTLY how you feel! I was confined for two months when I broke my hip, and the freedom when I was released by my MD was exhilarating. Just take it easy! And, please, be careful on those stairs!

Aunt Libby