Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Professional Couch Potato

Jack has earned the title of "Professional Couch Potato" around the house for his keen ability to not move much. Over the last couple weeks, he seems to have taken issue with this title and is working towards a new, unknown title. Here's a picture from today...from the looks of it, he is on the verge of movement. We'll keep you updated on the progress, but for now we're going to enjoy our last moments of not having to chase him around the house.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We have a home

Today was another big day for our family. Actually, in this case, it was a big day for our entire church family. Many of you have heard us talk about our church (The Well). For the past three and a half years, we have been homeless. The first year was spent meeting in an elementary school gym with the remainder spent in a movie theater. Now don't get me wrong, the theater was nice and all...stadium seating, bathrooms-o-plenty, and the sweet fragrance of buttered popcorn around the time we would take communion. And if we learned nothing else over this time, it is that God can and will meet anyone anywhere regardless of what the building or its walls look like. We also learned that the church truly is the people...not bricks and mortar. And in this case, the people were getting tired. So today, our church family finally walked into its new home. One that we can get into more than 4 hours per week. And boy was it sweet! I don't have any pictures, but I'll try to track some down soon. The music was great (Allison did a fine job on back-up vocals and keys), and Brent presented a fantastic message. Basically, it was centered around one phrase..."This is church." Do you find yourself mumbling that under your breath as if you've come to expect church to be the same old boring thing? Or do you find yourself asking that question, as if someone forgot all about why we really get together every week? Or do you put an exclamation point at the end like we do and feel the love of God through his Word, worship, and community? Do you finally find yourself in the middle of the irresistable revolution Jesus started a couple thousand years ago? "This...is...CHURCH!" And we love it. You all come and visit.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Joining the Club

It happened. I swore it never would, but it happened. I fought it for years, yet it still happened.

This morning, Allison and I signed the paperwork for a minivan. 

The entire time we were there, something felt wierd...like I had forgotten something, left something behind...something I couldn't figure out. But as we pulled out of the parking lot in our 2006 Toyota Sienna, I turned around and saw it sitting at the desk.

There is was...my manhood.

All kidding aside, we love the van. It is a big day for the Lewis clan. Gone are the days of Allison worrying if the airbag would cause her knees to punch her in the face if it was to deploy. Gone are the days of having to shoulder tackle the stroller to get it into the trunk. And if we did get it into the trunk, gone are the days of Abigail having to hold the groceries on the way home. Yes, folks, this is big. We went from driving a studio apartment to driving an eight bedroom mansion.

So take your shots, but know this: I've got leg room again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Allison & Jack

Back in November, Aunt Jenny, Grandma & Grandpa made the trip all the way from North Carolina for Abigail's 2nd birthday. This was also their first time to meet Jack. While they were here, Aunt Jenny, a better than average (arguably professional photographer), took the opportunity to put her top-notch camera to work...here are a few of the good ones.

A great Abbey pic

We love this pic of Abbey.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jack is the Man

What a cool kid. Layed back as ever...always happy and smiling (unless it is time to eat). He isn't crawling, standing, or walking. But he is pretending in this picture. And he's pretty darn proud of himself! Jack is really starting to show his personality lately. He loves to cuddle with Mommy, wrestle with Daddy, and play and laugh with Abbey. Even if none of that is going on, he's pretty content to find the closest thing on the floor and strike up a conversation with it. We're not sure what exactly he is saying, but he seems to be enjoying his company...so we let him go.

My Girl

Abigail has to be the sweetest little girl on the face of the planet. As a result of that, I'm convinced to two things: 1. she is definitely a daddy's girl, and 2. I am 100% wrapped around her finger. Here's a picture of us on a recent trip to Gulf Shores, AL. Abigail has never been at a loss for love or excitement...and this picture pretty much sums that up!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I must be nuts!!!

The Lewis's are about to enter the 21st Century. After about a decade of technical mediocrity, I've decided to try my luck with a blog. I still haven't figured out why someone chose such a name, but we're going to go with it. Scary to think that Abigail may be asking me some time soon to see if anyone sent her a note on our blog. Blog? Seriously?

Why am I doing this? Because it seems like every day that the kids are doing or saying something that keeps us in stitches. They're hilarious! So I figured we would do our best to post some pictures and random stories for everyone else to enjoy. At the very least, we satisfy our daily urge to brag about what great kids we have and share how blessed we feel to be their parents. And somewhere along the way, we'll probably drop in some other updates on what is going on in our lives with church, work, family, etc.

So enjoy, and please drop in some comments as much as possible. We would love to hear from everyone.