Monday, April 20, 2009

Guitar Hero

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but Josh's accident and the issues that followed knocked it right off of my radar. And now, I've waited so long that Jack doesn't really even do this anymore, but since this blog has become a modern version of my paper, stickers, and hours-of-my-precious-time scrapbook, I'm still going to put the pictures up so we can remember this cute Jack-ism.

We're a big musical family around here. It's not that any of us is that incredibly gifted with any amazing musical talent (although Josh would give his broken leg to be able to tear it up on the drums), but we all love music. At any given moment, walk into our house or take a ride with us in the car and you're almost guaranteed to hear a tune. And if you're the really lucky guy sitting beside us at a red light, you might even find one of us playing a pretend instrument or two!

Apparently the air-guitar is a little too abstract for Jack, so he likes to bring it down to a more concrete level. He'll take any old household item, hold it like a guitar, and strum away to the beat. And trust me, he's got quite the imagination!

I thought this was a kid-sized mop (yep, I start 'em early around here), but to Jack, it's an electric guitar:

You know those little eye covers for your stovetop? They're no match for Jack's musical skills!

I haven't decided if this one is extra sweet or slightly blasphemous (at least it was a Christian song he was rocking out to)! Yes, that's Josh's Bible...

And finally, talk about making lemonade when you're dealt a big handful of lemons (very expensive, painful, and exhausting lemons)...

Speaking of the crutches, I'm happy, no elated to tell you that we've moved back home. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Elderly was a nice place to visit, and it had even nicer people. I'm not even dreading my permanent residence there one day.

But seriously, we're only 31 years old. I don't want to live there quite yet.

Josh is officially crutch-free (with the exception of first thing in the morning when he doesn't have his walking boot on yet). And even more exciting (both for us and the carpool-brigade that had been driving him to work every day) is that Josh started driving last week.


It's a bit of a production...get in car, take boot off, put tennis shoe on, drive, take tennis shoe off, put boot on, and get out of car. And it's made even more challenging when you realize that Josh's right leg has pretty significant swelling and still isn't shaped quite right, but he would shove his head into that tennis shoe if it meant independence!

But I think the most heart-warming moment came when the home-health company came to pick up the equipment they had rented us when we moved onto Geriatric Lane. I'm pretty sure I had a little tear peeping out of my eye as I watched the driver load the wheelchair, walker, and "bedside commode" (his words, not mine) into the back of that truck.

To spare my precious husband unneeded embarrassment, I should let you know that the last item I mentioned wasn't used for its intended purposes during its time here. It simply served as a seat in the vanity area of our bathroom while Josh got ready for bed. Somebody tell the home-health company they can put the Clorox away.

The most difficult chapter of this journey has closed, and now we're on to the rehabilitation phase. Josh started physical therapy last week, and he goes twice a week until further notice. This will probably be a long process because Josh has a lot to relearn on that leg. Of the twelve screws in his leg, he has two that go all the way from the left to the right holding the tibia and fibula together. Because of those screws, he's got very limited mobility right now. He'll go to the surgery center in a few weeks to have those two screws removed, which should help him begin to make even more progress.

Which is good, because he needs that leg for the kick on his air drum set.

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