Tuesday, June 30, 2009

24 Hours With the Grandparents

The other half of the fabulous weekend was the kids' time with PaPaw and GrandPam. Obviously I wasn't there to see the fun firsthand, but I think the pictures tell a pretty good story themselves.

This is from their visit to the Atlanta Children's Museum:

And then they scooted over to Centennial Park to play in the fountain:

Of course no Lewis child can pass up a good meal...

And barricading PaPaw in his bedroom was more fun than they could stand (although I'd be willing to bet PaPaw enjoyed the quiet time even more than they enjoyed what they thought was playtime!)

Aunt Bok (that's Josh's sister, Rebekah, to the rest of us) was kind enough to take a picture of the four little ones all together for me.

Speaking of little ones, Ayda is six months old and is already crawling and pulling herself up to stand. In case you're keeping score, she hit those milestones at about half the age of Isabel! If that trend sticks around, she'll be walking at eight months old (as opposed to Izzy's almost sixteen months old).

I guess it's true that little ones just do things when they're ready. (I'm just glad Izzy decided she's finally ready). :-)


Anonymous said...

Based on these photos, I'd say GramPam and PaPaw had a grand weekend with the little angels!!!

Kenna Clark said...

Just so you feel better about Izzy...William didn't walk (without holding someone's hand) until he was 19mos! Talk about taking your sweet time! I told Scoot that I am convinced it was God's way of teaching me (the super-competitive, first time mom) not to compare him to other kids. Of course, here we are almost 6mos later and...he runs everywhere! :-)