Saturday, June 20, 2009

Five Little Monkeys Swimming in the Pool

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Earlier this week we headed out to Bethany's house for lunch and playtime. Our kids absolutely adore one another, and they always have the best time together. Take that history, add some swimsuits and a pool, and you've got a recipe for hours of fun! (The "hours of fun" part clearly began after I took this photo. Come on can't blame me for trying!)

As Isabel walked out to the pool, I couldn't help but get a little sentimental watching her scoot around in her little bathing suit. Now the suit's cute and all, but that's not why I'm ooshy-gooshy about it. It's because I can remember Abby wearing that exact swimsuit almost three years ago.

I'm obviously not the first mom to realize this, but goodness, how time flies! It's hard to remember back to those days when Abby was that size (and I was seven months pregnant with Jack). And it's impossible for me to fast-forward and imagine Izzy as old as them one day. Impossible...or maybe I just don't want to.

All mushiness aside, it's time for the fun shots! The kids quickly devised a plan that involved starting from the opposite side of the yard and running as fast as they could into the pool.

Jack always started out big, but his gusto waned a bit by the time he reached the pool.

This next picture is the photo definition of blisfully unaware:

Isabel tried to get in on the action...

...but the pool sprint was a little much for her!

You may have noticed that Emma's not in any of these pictures. She's hit a bit of a separation anxiety stage, and she stayed glued to Bethany most of the time we were there.

Bethany ran inside for a minute to grab something, and poor Emma looked like a lost puppy dog when her mommy left.

I pulled out all my Aunt Allison tricks and finally got her to flash me a little grin.

Just when the big kids thought the fun couldn't get any greater, out came the water hose!

A few minutes into the fun, a sneaky little Face-Sprayer appeared. It may look like he was up to no good, but we were all laughing hysterically (including those who got sprayed)!

The Face-Sprayer's identity has remained anonymous up to this point, but I think this picture may give it away...

I love this next photo! I caught Emma at just the right moment, and she looks like she's saying "Come on, little children. Really?!?"

Here are a few parting shots of our super day in Childersburg:

Today was a whirlwind of a DaddyDay, so I'll be back later with a load of photos for you!


Aunt Libby said...

Love all the photos of the kids splashing around in the pool! Just too cute!

Love, Aunt Libby

Anonymous said...

These pictures define what hot summer days for children are all about -- a little water and a lot of laughs! Love 'em!!!!!!!