Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DaddyDay's Not Over Yet

As you saw here, the first part of DaddyDay was a bit of a gamble, but I think it really paid off (minus the hiney incident). When it was time to leave the art museum, we didn't want the fun to end. But before we could move on for another fun adventure, we needed to take care of feeding the vultures circling overhead (actually, they were strapped into their car seats, but they were ravenous nonetheless).

Since Josh no longer works in downtown Birmingham, we're a little out of the loop as to what's around there these days. So we ended up heading over to Qdoba, which is where we used to meet Josh for lunch when he was working 12-14 hour days at Enterprise. (The main purpose of our lunch dates back then was so the kids could remember what their Daddy looked like. Of course I'm just kidding...sort of.)

The girls sat quietly (albeit goofy-acting at times) and ate their quesadillas...

...while Jack spent 30 seconds of every four minutes squealing like a school-girl. Because what I didn't mention is that Qdoba is located directly across the street from the UAB emergency room, so ambulances came through every few minutes with the full lights and sirens going. He was nothing short of giddy with excitement!

While we were downtown, we decided to jump on over to the McWane Center for some more fun and learning. No trip to the McWane Center would be complete without stopping by the gigantic "ball maze" just inside the entrance to the museum. Our kids could stay there for hours watching the balls move around inside the intricate contraption.

Some sweet ladies were standing behind me telling me how cute our little ones are. I thanked them and told them we were so proud of them.

Then Jack did this:

That's right, ladies. I said proud.

The kids found lots of fun things to do...

...but it wasn't until we were about to leave that we stumbled upon one of their old favorites....THE WALKING PIANO!

Then it was on to the World's Largest Lite-Brite.

Izzy still had a lot of spunk in her, but Jack started to fade.

But as soon as he saw some kids "playing drums", he perked back up and was ready to play himself. I don't know if he enjoyed it quite as much as he thought he would, though. After all, waving your hand around aimlessly in the air isn't nearly as much fun as actually banging on a drum set (although getting tossed around in Daddy's arms can't be beat)!

After playing the air-drums for awhile, we took it back to the house for naptime. While the littlest two were sleeping, Abby helped me make Josh a cake for Father's Day.

We were doing really well until the spatula handle came off (and left the rest of the spatula inside the cake!)

We fished the spatula out of the cake (and licked it clean, of course!), and then we filled the baby pool up for some pre-dinner splashing fun.

When the nappers woke up, they hopped right in, but the water was a bit colder than Isabel had expected, so she hopped right back out.

Instead, she opted for intermittent waving at Daddy as he mowed the grass and crashing on the deck for a little rest.

DaddyDays are always fun, but as you can see from the truckload of pictures, we had an extra-special DaddyDay this weekend. And the icing on the cake (the figurative one...not the one we made Josh) was...

The whole day only cost us $18 (and that was for a five-person lunch at Qdoba...we had coupons). Man, that makes me happy!! (And so does this picture of Izzy's gorgeous eyes.)

Oh, and I have one more little piece of business to tend to. Good morning Hayley, Hannah, Hillary, and Holly. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds, and looks, like an absolutely wonderful day!!!!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE looking at your blog!!:) I love the pictures the most because I want to be a photographer!
Love, Hannah

Anna said...

so how can i temporarily get grandfathered into your family and come to daddy day?!?!? i LOVE your daddy day posts. the pictures! the stories! the smiles! i can't wait until Addie is old enough (and has a sibling maybe?) so we can do fun daddy days like ya'll! $18? i'm so totally impressed!

yes, appt is at 10:30, so i'll call you if it seems to be going long. i'm really hoping it will be short, sweet, and to the point so we can do lunch! i'll be in touch! can't wait!