Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Wanna Be a Servant!!

We talk to our kids a lot about serving those outside our family and why that's so important, but we also want them to understand the beauty of serving one another as well. Abby skipped down the stairs yesterday with a big, old grin on her face, and she said I needed to come upstairs because she had a "hooge" surprise for me. Something that was going to make me "super happy". So I stopped what I was doing, and I followed her up the staircase (she was squealing with glee the whole way). She led me into her room where she had tidied every bit of the toys and books, and she had given her all toward making her bed.

As I was telling her what a fantastic job she did, she said with a lilt in her voice, "But there's more..."

So she pulled me into my room, where I saw this...

No, she didn't make the bed up on top of Jack. That's the body pillow I got addicted to during my pregnancy with Abby (better known around here as "Sally"...don't ask). I told her that was such a neat way to make the bed, and she said, "I knew you would like that."

Little acts of service like that have become quite routine for Abby. She's perhaps even taken it a little overboard. Not long ago, I walked out of the room to go get something from downstairs, and Abby dashed past me (practically knocking me out of the way), yelling "I'll get it! I wanna be a servant!!"

Hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?

Switching gears to my business, I've gotten really bad about not posting any of my session shots, so as I finished editing my session from Saturday, I got a few of them ready for the blog. I originally saw this little lady several months ago at a session with her cousin. But now that she has a baby sister, I had the joy of shooting her photos again...and meeting this sweet munchkin for the first time. I think it goes without saying that this big sis is most smitten with her new baby.

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Anna said...

i love it! abby has such a precious heart! she did a fabulous job w/ the beds! can she come make ours ;) j/k! love the pictures! so beautiful!