Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the Winner is............

...going to be announced in just a minute. :-)

I had originally planned on writing the names down on pieces of paper and then drawing one "out of a hat". But then I realized that it's no longer 1993, and there are better ways of doing things these days. So I headed on over to random.org, entered the numbers 1 through 38, and the computer (not me, for those of you who didn't win this go around!) chose the number 29 as the winner.

If you count down to the 29th comment, Kerry Cobb is the winner (on behalf of a family in her church)!!

I've talked with many of you about the person or family you nominated for the giveaway, and it's been so great to learn about the things these people are doing and why they mean so much to your family. There's a neat story surrounding the family I'll be shooting photos with for this contest (they don't even know she entered them yet), and I'm looking forward to meeting them and sharing their story with you.

Thanks so much for playing along in this giveaway. It was tons of fun for me, and I'll definitely be back with another one!

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