Sunday, June 14, 2009


I promised to be better about posting a few photos from each of my sessions, so here are some of my recent favorites. This first family lives one street over from us, and at a neighborhood girls' night a few weeks ago, the mom and I got to chatting about my photography business. One thing led to another, and last week I had the joy of shooting pictures of her and her fun family.

These kids couldn't have been any more enjoyable to work with. They did anything and everything I asked, and it was so sweet watching them love on their baby brother.

Speaking of Baby Brother, he was so full of expression!! One minute I got big-time serious face, and two seconds later, he was hamming it up for the camera.

In talking with his mom, I found out that she has one picture of her together with him. One!! So needless to say, we made quick work of grabbing some Mommy and Baby shots.

And while we were at it, we got some pictures of her with her daughter...aren't they beautiful?!?

Now these next photos were from an impromptu session with a little girl we met while our family was at the Botanical Gardens. It was really neat how it happened. The parents saw me walking through the gardens with Josh and our little ones, and they started running after me and yelling my name. When they finally caught up with me, they said they had seen my work, and they begged me to shoot photos of their daughter. I was so honored!!

(OK, that's not at all how we ended up doing this session, but it's sure fun to imagine that it happened that way!)

Other than our families, I try to avoid connecting names with pictures while I write here in blog world. So I won't tell you who this last round of folks are, but you've definitely heard me talk about them before. We had lots of plans for a fantastic session over the weekend, but you know what they say...

The best-laid plans...

While severe thunderstorms and ridiculous lightning and thunder weren't supposed to be in the mix, they definitely showed up at game time. So we raced around the rose garden and did what we could in between the rain and nasty weather. And thanks to the genius software known as Photoshop, it looks like we had a beautiful afternoon!

My philosophy on photography is that it should be as organic as possible. I'm not a big fan of the posed shot because I just love the feeling you get when you look back on a picture and see someone as they really were. I like to just sit back and capture life as it's happening (remember the simple. unscripted. pure. line?) So that's why this next shot is probably my favorite of all the photos from that day.

The daddy had just joined our session after leaving work a little early. The girls had already done their squealing and giggling, and they had just had their turn getting daddy hugs. It was just then that this little guy turned around and saw that his daddy was there, and as you can see, he took off running as fast as his little legs could carry him. And judging by his daddy's face, I think he was equally excited to see his little buddy.

So there you go. Those were some of my favorite photos from my most recent shoots. And make sure you stay tuned...there's a little photography announcement on the horizon!!


But for now, I need to go eat the croissants I just made for snack. (The answer is "yes." Yes, I said croissants. Yes, I'm eating the whole can by myself. And yes, it's 11:30 at night.)

Yum, yum!!

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