Thursday, January 29, 2009

The rest of the story...

As I'm sure you figured out from yesterday's picture, I took the kids to the zoo earlier this week. The weather was bee-yoo-tee-ful that day, and I knew as soon as I woke up and saw how gorgeous it was that we had to find something to do outside. Here's the conversation I had in my mind as I laid in bed that morning:

Score! We could go to the zoo today.

Oh man...I let our membership expire. I guess we can't go, because the zoo is expensive!


WAIT! What's today? Is this Tuesday? Let me think...yesterday was ballet, right?

Yes! That means it's "Half-Price-Admission-Day" at the zoo.


If you saw One-Word Wednesday, you've already seen how we started the morning. Here's another equally creepy fascinating shot from the reptile house.

From there we moved on to the sea lions. And in an effort to one day prove that I did actually go places with the kids, I set the timer on the camera and took a picture of all of us.

Izzy's not quite chatting it up yet, but as you can see, she definitely gets her "point" across when she wants you to see something.

Here were some of the animals that she was so excited about:

But the kids' very favorite part of the trip was our stop at the farm section of the zoo. It's got lots of hands-on fun that all three of them enjoyed.

And my favorite shot of the day...
This is Jack shouting "No dog!" to the goat.

Hey, when you've got a little one in speech therapy for a language delay, you take what you can get! :-)

We had a super day at the zoo, but we were pooped when we left!!

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