Saturday, January 24, 2009

How are you spending your DaddyDay?

I think I've mentioned this before, but we no longer have Saturdays around our house. Since Josh works each weekday and we're tied up with church most of Sunday, Saturday is a special time for our family. The kids always ask, "Is tomorrow the day Daddy stays here with us?" So it only seemed natural to rename we celebrate "DaddyDay"!

One of Jack and Abby's favorite things to do with Daddy is to be "thrown on the couch". Do you have a mental image going yet? No? Well let me help you out. The kids run as fast as they possibly can (laughing hysterically the whole time) into the kitchen, through the dining room, past the foyer, and straight into the living room where Josh is lying on his back, ready to toss them over his head onto the couch. Only a Daddy could think of this game!

It looks a little like this:

And sometimes, if the momentum/throwing force ratio is just right, it looks more like this:

They work together like a well-oiled machine...until Abby laps Jack, and they end up with a bit of a traffic jam...

...or until Jack slows down for a little snuggle (who could resist this?!?)

Izzy's not quite ready for the Couch Toss, but she still manages to get a little DaddyDay workout of her own...(drum roll, please)...because guess who's finally pulling herself up to stand!



Anna said...

ok...PRICELESS pictures! your kids look like they are suspended in midair! hilarious! yippee for Izzy!!! i LOVE the collage you did for that!

Libby said...

These photos are adorable! And, hurray for Izzy! There'll be no stopping her now!

Aunt Libby