Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And now there are six!

As I mentioned in one of the Christmas posts, we've known the Cobbs for years and years now. What started out as casual college friendships developed into deep and intimate relationships with these precious friends. Molly was the first of the Cobblets, and Abby joined her just a few months later.

Then when Abby was eight months old, I was thrilled to tell Kerry we were going to walk through another pregnancy together as she was already several months pregnant with Grace. The intensity of that laughter and joy was nothing, though, compared to the grief and tears we shared when I lost our baby. I will never forget Kerry racing over and standing in our living room holding me as our sobs were the only sounds that pierced the silence. There was something so bittersweet about our babies lying there together only inches apart.

One was vibrantly alive with strong heartbeats and tiny kicks while the other one was already resting eternally in our Savior's loving arms.

Kerry grabbed my face in her hands, and through her tears said, "I would do anything to take this from you." And she meant it.

Brent and Kerry were at our house when we found out we were expecting another baby, and they began that night praying for us and our precious child. Jack was born almost eight months after Grace.

Then shortly after that, Kerry and I were once again pregnant together with Ben and Isabel (they were born just six weeks apart). Our families share yearly traditions, holiday meals, hand-me-downs, and countless hysterical stories (several of which revolve around racing to one another's home so the expecting Mommy can rush off to L&D!). But most importantly, now there are six little playmates who love being together. And they have literally grown up with one another since birth! Here's a picture from this morning when Kerry had an early appointment, and the Cobblets came over to play (Ben didn't make the picture...he was at the doctor because he's not feeling well).

We love you all dearly, and we're so thankful you're a part of our family!

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