Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun Izzy Facts

10. Izzy's full name is Isabel Mary Lewis. We name each of our children for meaning (first name) and in honor of a family member (middle name). Isabel means "Consecrated to God", and Mary is my mother's name.

9. She absolutely adores her big sister and brother. She squeals each morning when she gets up and sees them for the first time.

8. She just recently started crawling (Does that mean we carry her around too much?) :-)

7. Up until Thanksgiving Day ( was like a light-bulb went off during lunch time), she would cry when anyone held her except me (and occassionally Josh). But ever since then, she's been happy with just about anyone she knows really well.

6. Izzy's nickname is Tooter.

5. She's amazingly flexible. (photo documentation to come)

4. Isabel is addicted to her blankie. One day, she was having a tough time getting to sleep for her nap, so I grabbed the first blanket I saw and gave it to her. Unfortunately, it was a blue blanket, and more unfortunately, she's been crazy-attached to it ever since. Oh least it matches her eyes!

3. Part two of the calming ritual involves an odd little habit. As soon as you hand Izzy the magic blankie, she pushes it against her mouth and starts sucking on her tongue. It's like a dose of "instant-calm" as soon as she does it. That's how she goes to sleep, too.

2. Isabel has been photographed more than perhaps any baby on the face of the planet. I started shooting professionally when she was five months old, so she's had the great responsibility of being one of my little subjects while I learned about my new camera. :-)

1. And finally, Izzy never met a food she didn't like...literally. That includes the black bean and cheese quesadilla (with salsa) that Jack fed her when she was four months old!

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Anna said...

what a great idea! i love countdowns! :) she's such a cutie. i cant wait to see her again soon! i hope everyone is feeling better (no more sniffles!)