Saturday, August 21, 2010

quick update...

this weekend is packed with festivities for a wedding i'm shooting, but before i jet out for the day, i wanted to write a quick update on where we are with compassion in terms of getting things set up for donations in judah's name.  we got an email on thursday that their internet team is in the process of getting a CSP established online that all donations will go to.

but here's what we're the most excited about...the child survival program that they're setting us up with is in addis ababa, ethiopia!!!!  addis is the capital of ethiopia, it's where we'll travel to to pick up a little guy when that time comes, but most importantly, it's where judah died and is now buried.  i can't think of a better place in this whole world for our gifts to go!

we're praying that because of judah's death and the loving donations from friends, family, and those we haven't even met yet, countless other infants and children will run, laugh,  and play in addis rather than die there.

while we're waiting for the specific link to be available, you can still click HERE to donate in judah's name.  it looks like you're giving to a program in another country (which is wonderful, too!), but there is a reference code embedded in the hyperlink that connects your giving to judah.  please go ahead and mention "judah lewis" in the special instructions section at the bottom of the page as well.

thank you so much for loving us, for loving judah, and for loving ALL the mothers and babies that the addis ababa child survival program will serve!!!


Bethany said...

I do not entirely understand the protocol; if we have already given to other centers but mentioned Judah in the special notes- will they automatically redirect those funds to the Addis Abeba center, will we need to manually have it changed, or does it just continue towards the original one indefinitely?

Allison Lewis said...

my understanding is that if judah was mentioned in the special notes, they flagged that donation and will move it to the addis center.
i love you bunches!