Sunday, August 29, 2010

overheard at our house today...

with everything that's been going on lately, i've kind of gotten away from some of the staples of our blog.  "wordless wednesday" and the "overheard" posts have been particularly hard-hit, so this is me committing to get back into the swing of things. 

with that said, here are a few of my favorites that were overheard at our house today...

jack:  "if you ate a whole twee, it would go down in your tummy, and it would pwobably make you thwoh up."

abby (in response to my early-morning singing as i was cooking breakfast):  "mommy, you sound a lot better than you look."

izzy (while making a pitiful sad face):  "i willwee miss judah." 
me (touched by our two-year-old's precious heart):  "i do, too, baby."
izzy:  "i willwee miss nala, too."  (there went the moment.  nala is our cat that made a move to the humane society a few months ago when she brought the 87th chipmunk up onto our deck -- in pieces.)

jack:  "where do toots come from?"

me (in response to crying from the next room):  "guys, what's going on in there?"
jack:  "izzy's stuhwing up stwife." 

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