Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been a bad blogger this week, haven't I?

I don't really know where to start with the explanation other than to say this week has been kind of all-over-the-place. It's been good. It's been not so good. It's had celebration, and it's held sorrow.

Maybe I'll just pick up where I left off...

Elderly has been a delightful place, although I have to admit that I'm a little homesick for our old house. We're so very thankful for everything Elderly has to offer (good doctors, a whole host of medical equipment, etc.), but we're hoping to move back home fairly soon. Josh has done wonderfully in his progress. He's done so well, in fact, that he went ahead with a business trip this week to Colorado that he had planned before the fall. With some helpful airport staff, handicapped-accessible hotel rooms, and Josh's very devoted assistant (who probably felt a bit like a pack-mule), the trip was a success!

As for me, I visited the urologist this week, and I was privileged to meet many, many other residents of Elderly during my several-hour appointment. The doctor got held up because of his surgery schedule, so I sat with a few other patients and chatted while we waited. Once the doctor arrived, things really started moving. First, Ernest got called back. Next were Mildred and Ethel. Then Horace. And finally, it was my turn. The doctor ended up sending me to the hospital for a CT scan to check on a kidney condition that I was diagnosed with as an infant, and after a few details that I'll keep to myself, I was released with some follow-up instructions and the hope that I never have to deal with kidney stones or infections again!

While Josh was gone, my parents spent a lot of time with us. Josh and my dad have been finishing our basement to make a playroom for the kids. Since his accident, however, Josh obviously hasn't been able to pitch in much, so my dad took two days off this week to come work on the house. We actually have a couple of walls down there now! My mom did an equal amount of work, but hers was more of the childcare and housework variety. She has a servant's heart like none other, and she worked tirelessly to help me catch back up from a wild few weeks in Elderly.

One fun event that's taken place since I last wrote is Josh's birthday. It didn't start out with much of a bang (since he was in Colorado, and I was at the urologist), but we celebrated with chocolate chip muffins, cards, and gifts when he got home. But if Josh's birthday was the top of the roller coaster, the day after was the bottom. Josh received a phone call while he was in Denver that his grandfather had passed away that morning. The only word that accurately describes hearing that news is "bittersweet". The bitterness comes in knowing that he leaves his wife of 62 years, three children, 15 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren behind to miss him. But there is much more sweetness in knowing that he loved the Lord, and he is now walking with Him in heaven. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

There's more to share, but I'll go for now. Please be in prayer for Josh, our family, and the rest of Josh's family. This is definitely one of those times that is somehow equally full of joy and sorrow. Please pray also for everyone traveling for the memorial service next weekend.


Anna said...

you have NOT been a bad blogger...but i will admit that i've checked your blog everyday! i'm so sorry about josh's grandfather. though a blessing to know that he's with our Father, i know it's hard. is this the one jack was named after? (i have a bad memory). we're praying for you! i'll let you know when the invites get here. we love you all!!!

Allison Lewis said...

thank you, honey. this isn't the grandfather jack was named after, but they share the same birthday. and it's extra-special because they were able to celebrate both of their last two birthdays together. it will make jack's 3rd birthday a little sad. :-(

Aunt Libby said...

I was sorry to hear about Josh's granddad passing away. I also hope the trip wasn't too much for Josh, considering he's still recovering from his fall.

Aunt Libby

P.S. Your background isn't showing up on your blog for some reason.