Thursday, March 5, 2009

We've Moved!!

We had only been in this location for about three years, but I guess change is inevitable. We didn't think this would happen quite yet...we thought we had a little longer here.

But it's official...we've moved.

Want to come visit? Then get out a pen and paper to write down our new address:

Josh and Allison Lewis
2 Geriatric Lane
Elderly, AL 35222

To be honest, the move kind of snuck up on us. We first visited Elderly about three weeks ago when Josh was released from the hospital. Some very kind residents brought us several enticing gifts like a walker, a bath chair, and some sort of odd potty contraption. But we weren't quite sold yet...

Then this weekend, we decided to revisit the town once more. I had a bout with kidney stones (my third, for anyone who's counting), which eventually turned into a full-blown kidney infection. To help remedy the pain, I pulled out one more of the lovely gifts...a deluxe heating pad.

Then last night as Josh and I were going upstairs to go to bed, we looked around, saw the walker, the heating pad, the various and sundry assistive chairs, and it hit us...we had already moved!!!

I would love to chat more, but I have to go find a good urologist and call those nice home health people about the wheelchair they sent.

There sure is a lot to do here in Elderly!!


Anonymous said...

I was chuckling - until I saw the picture - and then I laughed until I cried!
Welcome to Elderly! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
love, mom

Anna said...

haha! um...hilarious! when i first started reading...i was like huh? they didnt have their house on the market? why on the earth would they add that to all they already have going on? duh. i'm so gullible! too funny! love the picture! poor things though :( ya'll are aging rather fast! ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our town...glad you are just visiting!

Libby and Steve

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our town....glad you are just visiting.

Libby and Steve

Marie said...

Love it. I, too, wondered why you were moving until I saw the address. What a positive spin on things that could be otherwise. Marie

Carrie said...

This posting was a hoot! I loved the photo of you and Josh. If you think things are bad now, just wait until you hit the big's downhill all the way after that! LOL

Aunt Libby

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You all have such a great attitude. The picture is great. I am praying for you and hope that you all get better very soon! Lauren W

rebalynne said...

Absolutely wonderful! Al, I promise you should be a writer. Your blog is NEVER boring!
Love you, Aunt Lynne

rebalynne said...

Absolutely wonderful! Al, I promise you should be a writer. Your blog is NEVER boring!
Love you, Aunt Lynne

Kenna Clark said...

Thank you for handing me the biggest laugh I've had in a while, you guys! That picture is truly hillarious. What a pair you are! :-) I hope you get to leave "Elderly" very soon.