Monday, March 30, 2009


As I was looking back over the past week, one word came to mind that sums it all up...and that word is contrast.

Let's start with Josh's third post-op appointment last Monday. At the previous appointment, Josh's surgeon had all but promised him he would come out of the cast and into a boot. Now this wasn't going to be a walking boot (he's got a little bit longer of "non-weight-bearing"), but that didn't matter so much to Josh. What really made his heart skip a beat was the idea of being able to remove the boot to take a shower again for the first time in more than six weeks. That was the hope. The reality, though, was that once they removed Josh's cast, they could see that his foot is pointed down and inward. He has a clubbed foot. The doctor said even if his bones were stable enough to come out of the cast, he couldn't actually fit Josh's foot into a boot when it was like that.
So what do you do to turn a clubbed foot into a non-clubbed foot? Let's just say the kids and I left the building.

Looking forward to finally taking a shower then coming home with yet another cast... contrast.

Now that spring has arrived, my calendar is filling up with photography sessions. I had two this past week that couldn't have been more opposite in nature. Thursday night, our good friends Steve and Libby asked me to shoot a dinner and informational session that Steve was hosting for his clients. I don't do much indoor photography, and I certainly don't shoot much at night, so it was great practice for me. And Steve gives me full reign with's always fun to do sessions for him and Libby!

We're clients of Steve's, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a financial advisor. You can check him out here. (And no, he didn't pay me to say this!)

Less than 24 hours after that session, I got some practice in another area I don't work in very often (and by "not very often" I mean "never before"). My hairdresser is starting her own business and needs photos for her website. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding on Friday, and she asked me to come do shots of the bride and the other bridesmaids (whose hair and makeup she had done). No pressure!

So from business suits and portfolios to wedding gowns and tiaras...contrast.

Our next adventure was skipping back over to Atlanta on Saturday morning for a couple of neat celebrations. On Saturday night, we went to a graduation party for Josh's sister's husband (better known to us as Uncle Kevin). While Georgia may not yet recognize him as a doctor until he's finished with his boards, we think we're going to go ahead and start calling him "Dr. Uncle Kevin"!! Then the celebration shifted down a generation as we attended their daughter, Ayda's, baby dedication. And then my favorite!!! Ayda looked precious in her little dress, and she was an angel for her photos. Just look at this sweet face...

After a little family gathering at Bok and Kevin's house, we hopped back in the car to head home. And as we were turning onto the interstate, we were met with an odd sight. There were a couple of Canadian geese standing in the middle of the on-ramp to the highway. Now we have Canadian geese near our house that we see daily as we're out running errands, but they're surrounded by a lake and trees. They looked a little different surrounded by concrete and "SPEED LIMIT 190" signs. Anyway, I kept driving in their direction (not because I intended to hit them, but because they were still pretty far away, and I knew they had time to move over).

Yeah...that didn't happen.

One very wise goose scooted off onto the shoulder of the road, but the other goose decided to fly. Good idea, huh? Not so much when you decide to fly straight at my car! People, I am not exaggerating here when I say he was literally headed straight towards our windshield, and thankfully, I barely missed him. And that was only because I drove off the side of the road (barely missing the smarter goose)! Click here to experience exactly what I saw. It was apparently a traumatic event for Abby as well because she broke into tears as soon as it happened. Although the more I think about it, that might be from the ear-piercing shriek I let out as I almost flipped the car trying to escape a head-on collision. With a goose. In Atlanta.

Peaceful time with my sweet niece doing what I love to playing chicken with a goose on the ramp to I-285 not even ten minutes later...contrast.

So although we've had a really busy week, it's been lots of fun.

Minus the cast and the suicidal goose.


TheLinFamily said...

ok so I should not have read this post at work. I am cracking up at the suicidal goose and getting some strange looks from the NNP. hilarious...and only you!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You were too kind about our Thursday night client meeting. Your photos were, as always, great. Exactly what we wanted plus, plus. Talent is a wonderful thing to see. - Steve