Thursday, March 19, 2009

What happens when... lose track of the days, and you're a day late for Wordless Wednesday? You get Wordless Thursday!!!

(although I guess it's not really "wordless" when I keep writing so much)

I'm working on some new photo techniques, and I just fell in love with this picture of the munchkins when I applied a retro effect:

And no, that's not a collective time-out you're seeing. They were watching the birds on the other side of the, so cute!!

Please pray for our family today as we begin the first leg of our trip to North Carolina for Josh's grandfather's memorial service. It's going to be a really, really long car ride, and the cherry on the top is that the littlest two are fighting colds. Why didn't we fly, you ask? I've got one number for you: $1,500.

Road trip it is!

We've decided to spend a full day on either end of the service traveling...we're going to take our time, stop when we need to, find fun places to let the kiddos run and play, and make the best of our time together.

Our really long time together.

Josh's grandfather was a spectacular man who leaves behind an equally remarkable wife. All kidding aside, we're thankful to get to celebrate Grandpa's life with the rest of the Lewis family. And even more, we get to celebrate the fact that he's healed, he's in heaven, and he's walking with our Lord. Praise God!!!


Anna said...

what a cute picture!!! thanks for your sweet calls! we'll have to catch up when ya'll make it home safe and sound (and happy and all in once piece!)

andrawan said...

i hope you becoming a happy family and blasing the god....

andrawan said...

i hope you becoming happy family and if you can... makeed this into a book......