Friday, February 27, 2009

SNOW Mountain

I don't know what I expected out of an event at Snow Mountain, but considering it was taking place in the deep south, I certainly wasn't expecting this:

Abby kept telling us she got to ride on the snow in a "tool", and we just kept making excited faces and saying "that's awesome!" It wasn't until Josh's mom sent me the pictures from their weekend that we finally knew what she was trying to tell us. She got to sled down the man-made "snow mountain" in a tube. Here she is getting ready for her turn...

...and here's what she had to look forward to!

Some of the other fun things they got to do were build a snowman stand by a snowman that another little boy there built...

...and have a snowball fight with PaPaw!

Natalie had a great time making snow angels...

...but I'm not sure Abby really understood the concept.

GrandPam said the girls' favorite part, though, was splashing around in the puddles in their new froggy galoshes.

Thank you PaPaw and GrandPam for a fun and fabulous weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

What fun and wonderful memories must have been made!