Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'll flashback to the hospital first...

I kept having to do the "I'm a photographer" disclaimer because I got some really funny looks carrying my camera around. I didn't take many shots, because documenting this process never even crossed my mind until I came home to pack a bag for the hospital stay.

One thing was for certain, in this age of medical horror stories, the surgeon was doing everything in his power to make sure he operated on the correct leg.

Not only did Josh have "yes" and some procedure initials written on his knee, but he also had several other indicators on his foot and ankle from when he was in the ER.

Is it even necessary to point out the irony here?

Josh had bones protruding from various parts of his leg, his ankle was non-existent, and when his left foot pointed up to the ceiling, his right foot pointed straight out to the right. But just in case none of that registered on the creepy scale, they marked him all up with "x's" and "yes's". Hey, better safe than sorry, right?!?
A little less than 24 hours post-op, the physical therapist came in and got Josh up and moving. Of course, "up and moving" meant hobbling from the hospital bed to the chair using a walker...that was all he had in him to begin with.

But the second day after surgery, she really kicked it up into high gear, and they took a stroll down the hallway.
I'll catch you up on some of the home shots later. We're about to enjoy some vegetarian spinach lasagna courtesy of our meat-loving friends, the Cobbs. Now that's friendship! :-)


Libby said...

Oh, does all this look familiar. As the saying goes, "been there, done that"....just tell Josh to stay on top of the PT, it's painful, but will be well worth it in the long run (I speak from experience!).

Get well soon Josh!

Aunt Libby

Kenna Clark said...

OH MY GOSH, you guys, what an eventful Valentine's weekend you've had! I am so sorry to hear about Josh's injury, but, praise the Lord, he came through surgery ok and is on the road to recovery! I know it will be a long road, with many challenges for you guys (no driving for 8 wks comes to mind as a big problem), but God has you in His "grip" and will get you through this, too...but, you know that. :-) Praying for y'all!