Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who Will It Be?

It's been really surprising to learn what we took for granted before Josh's accident.

Getting dressed independently. Going up or down a staircase without having to sit on your bottom. Making a sandwich.

These are just a few of the things that Josh hasn't been able to do since last Thursday. But I can see it happening...we are officially re-entering normalish life now (albeit very, very slowly). The activities above are actually things that Josh has begun to accomplish on his own over the past couple of days. And while they may seem minor to you, they're pretty big milestones for us!

It's been so hard on Josh to be forced to take a spectator role in our home. He's normally extremely hands-on with so many of the daily happenings around here, but when the surgeon talked with us in the hospital, he explained to us how vital it was for Josh to be completely non-weight-bearing on his right leg for around two months. He said that any amount of weight at this point could rotate and pull away any or all of the twelve screws holding Josh's leg and ankle together. And who wants to have that gruelling surgery redone?

On a side note, we've got a little bet going on around here. Feel free to play along if you'd like!

Learning to walk is a slow, arduous task that requires great dedication, effort, concentration, and persistence. It's not a skill that comes easily, but once mastered, it brings with it freedom, independence, and joy.

So who will it be?

Who will be the first to take those all-important first steps?

JOSH or IZZY? :-)


Aunt Libby said...

Well, considering I've been in Josh's predicament, my bet is on Izzy. Josh is wise to listen to his one wants to go through surgery to have pins reset/removed and through the ordeal of physical therapy, especially for a second time. Yes, I think Izzy will win!

Aunt Libby

Anna said...

as much as i want izzy to walk...i know josh probably wants to be walking a million times more. so...7 weeks now? i'm gonna vote for josh. if it's izzy...yippee! if it's joshie, i'm sure izzy will be right behind him :) love ya'll!