Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

What are some of the characteristics I think of when I think of Abigail? She has a tender heart, she loves to serve by helping others, she's one smart little cookie...and she talks.

She talks a lot.

Remember when I mentioned how much she looks like Josh's sister, Rebekah? Well let's just say they're alike in more ways than one. (I love you, Seester) :-)

Our family was supposed to head over to Marietta this past weekend to visit with Josh's family, but after "the fall" we decided to stick around here. But because GrandPam had already gotten tickets to Snow Mountain (which is Stone Mountain covered in a bajillion tons of imported snow!), Abigail and her cousin, Natalie, still headed east for the weekend.

So just a couple of hours after she left, we noticed something. Man, was it quiet! I will say was neat to spend some devoted time "talking" with the little two, but we sure missed Abs.

A whole Snow Mountain picture fest is coming, but here's what was going on in our house for the weekend:
Before we could play, Jack and Izzy had some very important business to take care of on the remotes:

But then it was time for a game of chase:

Oops...took a spill!

Of course, there was definitely some "flat-on-the-floor-getting-tickled-until-you-can't-breathe" involved!

But that can only last so long. There was a time for rest as well. Whether it was cuddling with a favorite blankie...

...or curling up with a favorite buddy (and yes, there is a story behind the "beans" shirt)...

...we all enjoyed an afternoon of rest.

But of course, that was short-lived, and we were up and going again soon. We read some books:

And we laughed at how much fun it is to wear "box hats":

But best of all, we posed for the camera and let Mommy get some sweet shots:

What a weekend!!

And in case you were wondering (and I know you were!), yes, we did spend a good bit of the day in our jammies!!!

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Anna said...

too cute! i love the eyes! what a sweet little angel! i'm glad yall got to rest some...well deserved! wonderful pictures :)