Saturday, February 14, 2009

What It's Really About

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day really snuck up on us this year! We went into the hospital early Thursday morning, and when we got out today, the special day was here. Josh and I have never really been big on the "Day of Love", but I think it may have started having a little more significance for us as of today.

There have been so many times over the past three days that I've talked with God about my precious he lay on the floor of our foyer crying out in agonizing pain, as he lay on the ER bed silent from sedation, as we exchanged kisses and "I love you's" when they wheeled him away to surgery, and as I saw him for the first time out of recovery.

This has all the makings for one of those "I didn't know what I had until..." stories, but thankfully, I am (and always have been) keenly aware of the blessing God has given to me and our children. Josh is such a man of faith, kindness, integrity, and love. He loves us, and he loves his Maker even more.

The house is quiet now.

Josh is resting comfortably upstairs.

We'll all sleep under one roof tonight.

God has blessed us immensely, and for that, we are so thankful.

I know I promised pictures today, but it's been a long day. I'm going to close here, grab a couple of warm, homemade muffins (thank you Craig and Alissa!) and go upstairs to spend time with my precious husband.

After all, it is Valentine's Day.

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