Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Funny

After meeting Josh for lunch, the kids and I headed over to Kohl's to do a couple of returns. We've got a nice little budget going right now, so I knew I couldn't go full-blown shopping, but I did want to grab something in place of the pants I was returning.

Sit back, get comfortable, and imagine this scene with me...

I'm wearing Isabel in the baby carrier, I'm pushing Jack in the stroller (not the small umbrella's the tractor-sized Graco stroller that you can put entire car seats into), and Abby is walking beside me holding my hand. I've already scoured the Misses section, but nothing there fit quite right. Now I'm off to the next section over to find some replacement pants. I think to myself, "Ooh...I love these. Let's give them a try."

So now I'm entering the JUNIORS dressing room with my pint-sized entourage in tow (keep in mind that the diaper-bag-for-three counts as a whole other child itself). As Abby, Jack, the semi-truck stroller, the 58-pound diaper bag, Izzy (who looks like a half-asleep tree frog plastered against my torso), and I squeeze into the dressing room designed for an 76-pound teenager, I hear something peculiar.

What is that? Are you talking to me?

Ah yes, I know that voice.


And it tells me to look in the mirror at the hilarity of my situation. Am I really a 31-year-old shopping in the Juniors section? And more than that, am I really a 31-year-old mom of three shopping in the Juniors section?

So I wiped a couple of goopy noses, changed an atomic diaper, stared Irony right in the face, and chanted I. Will. Not. Wear. Mom. Jeans. Then I paid for my size ___ cute jeans, went straight to the minivan and spent the next 11 minutes loading up my loot, the aforementioned "stroller", and each of the four children I had with me (that includes the diaper bag).

I don't know about where you live, but it's GORGEOUS here today. My Juniors jeans and I might just have to take the kids for a walk later. Enjoy your day! :-)


Anna said...

:) i'm VERY proud of you for not wearing mom jeans :) i could picture all of that though...the whole scene diaper bag you walked the aisles at kohls...which is scary! i hope everyone is feeling better :)

Libby said...

Hey Allison,

Just wait until you are my age....then those "mom jeans" will be your favorite friend! *S*

Love, Aunt Libby