Friday, February 12, 2010

our anniversary, sort of

last night as we were getting ready to hit the hay, josh said to me, "so, you know what tomorrow is, right?"  i thought for a second and wondered if maybe josh had a big meeting scheduled.  does somebody have a doctor's appointment?  is it valentine's day already?  (clearly, i'm not very good at dates.)

realizing that my blank stare answered his question with a resounding "nope, no clue", josh reminded me of what happened one year ago today -- an early-morning event that we termed THE FALL.  since this post is going to be one big conglomeration of flashbacks, i won't rehash too much of the story here, but suffice it to say that as soon as he said those words, i had a mixed reaction of extreme emotions.  part of me thought i was going to throw up on the keyboard while the rest of me felt a little warm-and-fuzzy as i thought back to some of the memories we made during that trial.

life as we had known it changed a bit, but we managed to cope pretty well.  in fact, it didn't take long until we were even able to get a few laughs out of the whole ordeal (here's my favorite, but this one and this one were pretty good, too).  and there's no doubt that we found so much to be thankful for.  we were ministered to in countless ways over those few months through our family and friends.  talk about seeing the body of christ in action!!

well, i'd love to stay and write more, but the snow is pouring down outside, and the kids are dying to get out in the white stuff.  i need to get everybody bundled up and grab my camera because you know we're not going outside to play in the snow without getting pictures (just check out last year's "big snow"!)

oh, and i promise to post a picture or two later (this will be isabel's first venture into snow...we'll see how it goes!)

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