Sunday, February 28, 2010

my conversation with me

me:  i should probably write a post.  it's been awhile.
myself: what should we write about?
me: oh, i don't know.  i could tell them about how we made beaver sandwiches for lunch a couple of days ago.  there are some cute pics to go with that one.

myself: yeah, but there's no good story to go with the photos.  anything else?
me: well, speaking of food, i could tell them how my mom made muffins for the kids (just like she sweetly has the last bajillion times she's seen them), and when i opened the bag the other day, i found that someone (whose name starts with a "j" and rhymes with "sack") had eaten the tops off of each and every muffin -- and then closed the bag back up and put it away like i wasn't going to notice.
myself: that little guy is out of control.  does he have a tape worm or something?
me: OR, there's the gem that occurred earlier this week when jack decided he was going to try to fill the cup-holder on his little toy chair with pee (yes, as in urine).
myself: no, we better steer clear of that one.  for one, we don't want people thinking the kids have no decency.  and secondly, it's just nasty.
me: true.
myself: how about pictures of the kids playing outside?  don't we have any of those?
me: i've got some of the "poor man's playground", but i haven't edited them yet.  i'll have to do that post later.  i've been kind of limited on outdoor pictures recently because it's been so cold (which makes the static electricity inside totally out of control).

myself: wow.  she's going to love that one in a few years.  better go for something a little more flattering.
me: hmmm...i got it.  i took the kids up to samford the other day to scope out some session locations.  izzy thought she might get a scholarship if she wore her tutu and pranced across campus on her tippy-toes.  that was pretty cute.

myself: and remember how abby was totally in awe of the painting on the dome of divinity chapel? 

me: yeah, that was a fun day.  probably not blog material, though.  i'm thinking i should probably just hang it up for tonight and give it another go tomorrow.  anyway, maybe i'll have something better than the "potty chair" by then.


Anna said...

i'm still laughing over the muffins. the chair cup...ewe! love the SU pictures! glad to know you've scoped it out! cant wait to maybe do a shoot there w/ you when the twins are older!

Anonymous said...

This post was such fun reading! Whatever did Isabel do to cause such static in her hair!?!
love, mom

Anonymous said...

Love all of your pictures as usual!! Amazing hair on Izzy, that photos is priceless. Love it.

Robin said...

loving the electrified izzy!

Robin said...

loving the electrified izzy!!