Friday, February 12, 2010

snow bunnies

as i promised earlier today, i got lots of pics when the kids and i went out to play in the snow.  it had only been going for an hour or so when we got out there, and as beautiful as it was then, i'm kind of wishing we had waited until later this afternoon to play out there.  after many more hours of heavy snowfall, all i can see when i look out my window is white.  GORGEOUS!

anyway, considering we live in the land of a thousand degrees, i suppose i shouldn't complain about how little snow there was when we first went out -- especially since the last time we even saw snow was over eleven months ago!  last year, isabel had to stay inside and keep josh company while i took the big two out to play.  but this was her year, and i couldn't wait to see what she thought of the white stuff.

ok, so maybe she wasn't quite as into it as i had hoped.  but after a little yardwork, she was feeling lots better about her time outside.

by the way, these are just the teaser photos.  click here to see the real goodies!  giggles and fun were shared by all.

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The Taylors said...

I just knew you would have amazing snow photos. Thanks for sharing.