Sunday, February 14, 2010

it really stuck!

so it's pretty rare for there to be snow in alabama.  and the likelihood of having snow that actually sticks is right up there with me having the laundry folded and put away the same day i wash it.

it just doesn't happen.

but when we woke up on saturday morning, friday's fluffy white flakes were still on the ground.  so after a quick bite of breakfast, abby, jack, and i headed back outside for even more photographs playtime.  everything was going smoothly at first.  jack kicked snow and threw balls of it into the air...

and abby stuck with me as i took about 93 more photos of her.

to capture a good shot of the snow flying out of abby's hands, i needed to get higher with the camera so i climbed into one of the chairs on the deck.  just as i finished snapping these last two photos, the seat of the chair broke, and my leg (wearing only pajama pants and slippers, mind you) scraped past the jagged edges of the broken seat and down to the ground. 


i probably overreacted a bit -- yes it hurt, but i almost threw my camera over the edge of the deck on my way down  -- and that's all it took to send jack spiraling out of control (that and the blood running down my leg).  my dad has said since jack was a baby that he has the most pitiful crying face ever. 

we agree.
(answers to your questions:  1. that's josh working on my leg in the photos above.  2. yes, i absolutely did turn the camera around on the table and take blind shots of jack hoping to get one of his sad face.  3. and yes, in case you noticed it in the photos of jack at the top, the fallen tree is still propped up on the side of our deck.  and the other three fallen trees?  still laying in our yard.) 

for those of you who are counting, that's one more tree than we had down when i blogged about it way back in december.  (now i'm kind of embarrassed that it's been that long.  who knew?!?)

anyway, jack eventually settled down...
and i actually managed to get a few good shots before it was all said and done. 


Anna said...

oh my word child! please stay off chairs! poor jack! (and poor allison!) i hope your leg is ok!

The Taylors said...

Do I need to get Brody to bring you a Dan-Daid!