Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitten Heaven

Dear 7H,
I just wanted to write you to let you know what a fantastic time I'm having at the Lewis' house. They're the most amazing kitten-sitters ever!!! They play fun games with me, they feed me right on time everyday, and they even let me lay on my back in their laps so they can rub my tummy while I sleep.
I've missed you while you've been gone, but I've had plenty to do around here to keep me entertained. Yesterday, I found a little piece of pink construction paper on the floor, and I played with it for ages. I flipped it up in the air, I rolled around with it on the floor, and I even snuck up and pounced on it a few times. What fun!! But the most fun came this morning when I got up. I found this huge balloon floating around in the kitchen, and I've been playing with the string on it all day long. We should really get one of those!
Abby and Jack are super-sweet to me. Isabel is, too, but I'm still a little nervous she's going to pick me up by my head. She's a crazy one, you know!
I hope you're having fun in Charlotte, and I can't wait to see you when you get home.
I love you,


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Allison,
Thank you for posting about Oreo. We were all really excited to hear how he was doing. I am sure that Abby, Jack, and Izzy are having fun. Thank you for keeping us updated.
Love, Hayley

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis Crew! Wow! What fun you all seem to be having with our cute, furry friend (according to Holly, I am "Aunt Hannah" to Oreo). The photo is adorable. We would have never imagined that a piece of pink paper or a ballon would occupy a kitten.
We are enjoying our time in Charlotte. We've already gone camping and explored the local farmers market! Have a blessed week with Oreo.
Hannah H.

An extra note for Abby: Hi Abigail! I wanted to share with you that Oreo's favorite place to be scratched is behind his neck. When you do that he shuts his eyes and purrs (squeaks!). Have fun playing with him!
Love, Hannah

Anna said...

love it! i want a kitten now! what a cutie pie! and how much fun for your family! wonderful picture (as usual) and hi to all the H family!