Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Greatest Body Part That Ever Was

There's one picture that didn't make it into yesterday's post about Josh, Abby, and the bike, so I wanted to make sure I included it today. As I mentioned, God is with us always, and He never lets us fall. And thankfully God never tires of leading us and holding us up. Unlike Josh...

After the 2 miles he ran all over the park while simultaneously leaning over sideways to hold Abby's bike up, Josh was ready for a break.

So it was back to the creek for all. For our first dip in the water last week, Izzy had to man the stroller while I got some practice in with my new camera lens. But lest you think she missed out on the fun once again, here are some pictures of her soaking her tiny feet in the creek...

But none of this is really what today's post is about. For those of you who know Jack, you know that one of his trademarks is "running with his elbows up". Don't know what in this world that means? Let me explain...

For some reason, when Jack first started learning to run, instead of running with his elbows down more to his sides, he ran with them behind him and up. Up high. Like kind of behind his ears. Josh totally embraced this goofy trait, and he started telling Jack to "run with his elbows up" because it would make him faster. Daddy spoke, and Jack listened. So up the elbows continue to go.

Well this morning, Jack and I were downstairs getting the playroom cleaned up after the tornado known as a "playdate" tore through when he came running in my direction screaming something at the top of his lungs. I thought something was wrong, so as I frantically looked him up and down for some sort of injury, I begged, "Slow down, buddy. What's wrong? What are you saying?"

He took a deep breath, held up one of his little toy men, and exclaimed, "ELBOWS!"

Lo and behold, he had discovered that the tiny man had elbows just like he did, and he was off-his-rocker excited! Ever since then, the toy has been referred to as "Elbow Boy". And he would prefer that Isabel not touch him.

So here's to you, Elbow Boy. And remember, always keep your elbows up!

(Thankfully Elbow Boy keeps his pants on at all times.)

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