Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scarlet Fever?!?

As Josh mentioned in his last post, I do love a deal. I absolutely love knowing that I got the most for my money! But squeezing one last late night doctor's office run out of our insurance isn't my idea of fun...especially when it involves one of my children!
I was pretty sure Abigail had developed strep throat when she started complaining of a sore throat and was running a fever with no other symptoms. She rarely complains of not feeling well, so when she does, it's definitely worth noting. So when the doctor said that the rapid strep test had come back positive, I was nodding affirmatively (as if to say If only I could write my own prescriptions...), but when she announced the bit about scarlet fever, I must have looked at her like she had three heads and a beak.
Seriously? Scarlet fever?
I vaguely remember reading something about that in my middle school history books, but I've never heard of a person in the 21st century having it. Regardless, Abby has scarlet fever, and she's feeling pretty rotten. Her fever hung above 103 degrees all morning, but this evening it dropped down a good bit, and she's feeling much better. I'll spare you the details of what her poor throat looks like, but trust me, it's not pretty. She's been as sweet as an angel today, though, and she's enjoyed some good cuddle time with Mommy and Daddy.

Needless to say, we're worried about Jack being the next one to get this. The doctor said last night that he's probably "too young to get strep," but last year he had (all at once!) the flu, bilateral ear infections, and strep (when he was "way too young to get strep"). And part of his condition is related not only to how often he gets sick, but also to how severe his illnesses are when he gets them. When all three of the little ones had the stomach bug (that was a treat!), the girls felt pretty rotten, but he was almost hospitalized.

Please pray with us that Abigail will have a huge turn-around tomorrow and especially that Jack and Izzy will be protected from getting any of this. I think God really delights in having His children come to Him in prayer...especially when we all do it together!

Thank you and good night,


Anna said...

poor baby! give her hugs for me! love y'all!

Jaci said...

feel better abby!!! :(

Libby said...

Poor Abby. She looks like she feels so bad.

It seems like Saten has targeted you guys with a test of your faith....keep standing strong as God will only allow so much. You don't know how many folks are praying for your family. I've emailed your prayer requests to many, many of my friends who are praying for you. Stay strong. We love you.

Aunt Libby

Anonymous said...

My poor little angel! Tell her Nanny is SOOOO sorry she feels bad and I hope she feels better soon!!