Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Song

This has been a very emotional and difficult time for our family. But we're trying to take seriously what James 1:2-3 says: Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. We are also working hard to choose joy over sorrow in the midst of this uncertain time. One of the ways we're doing this is by making sure we're still laughing and playing everyday...and with our kiddos, there's no shortage of things to laugh at! Here's one of my most recent favorites:

Do you remember the little Sunday school song "Be Careful?" It goes like this:

Oh, be careful little feet where you go,
Oh, be careful little feet where you go,
For the Father up above is looking down in love,
So be careful little feet where you go.

It has several verses covering a range of things to "Be Careful" about. Be careful little hands what you do. Be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little mouth what you say.
You get the picture.
Well a few days ago, I could hear Abby outside singing this song, but I couldn't quite make out the lyrics. So I crept up to her to see which verse she was on, and I heard one that must have just missed publication in the Sunday school song book:

Oh, be careful little nose what you smell!

And in a house with two little ones in diapers, no truer words have ever been spoken!

Josh had a phone interview today with a company that is based in Nashville. The call ended up lasting close to two hours, and the last words the gentleman spoke to Josh were "I think we might have finally found our guy!" Apparently the company has been looking for someone to oversee the operations at their Birmingham facility for several months, but they haven't settled on a candidate until possibly now. We don't know some of the logistics yet, but Josh has a follow-up interview next week. He will either go up to Nashville, or the CEO will come down to Birmingham to meet with him. Either way, we're encouraged with the progress!

Tomorrow is D-day for our insurance (and by "D", I mean "Done"). We are still waiting on the paperwork regarding COBRA coverage, so we're not yet exactly sure of the logistics of it. We are hoping Josh will be offered a job soon with little to no waiting period for insurance coverage so that we won't have to rely on COBRA for long. That's a big prayer request right now!

Have a happy weekend, and we'll keep you posted on any developments.


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Marie said...

Praying that everyone, including jack, can stay well until you get back on some more solid insurance. So thankful for COBRA but it's just not the same (or the same price). Still praying for the perfect job for Josh. I was glad to read about the phone interview yesterday. Love to you all.