Friday, September 17, 2010

lewis lanes

bowling is serious business around here.  it's funny, though, because i don't think a one of our kids has ever stepped foot inside a real bowling alley.  but we've got a swanky set of plastic pins and a small plastic bowling ball, so what more could a three-year-old ask for?  (the answer to that is probably real bowling -- but for now, our version can join the ranks of the poor man's water park as sufficient entertainment.)  hey, he's happy -- and he manages to take his plastic bowling very seriously.

jack used to bowl in the living room, but his aim isn't the greatest so the ball kept ending up nowhere near the pins.  finally, i grabbed up the various pieces of multi-colored plastic and moved him into the foyer hallway so he could have a "lane". 

that did just the trick, and he was knocking pins down left and right after that.

i'm so thankful that i thought to relocate the game, because it gave me the opportunity to see jack's reaction when he actually hit something.  priceless.

that boy just makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

These pictures, and the story that accompanies them, epitomize what childhood should be like for every little one -- simple, joyful, and free from the trappings of the "got-to-have's" to be happy. I LOVE that Jack was soooo happy to have knocked down a few brightly colored pieces of plastic!! Precious!
love, mom

Anna said...

i heart him ;) and would love just a fraction of his enthusiasm! great pictures!