Thursday, September 16, 2010


september 16, 2000.  at 6:00 pm, i stood behind the doors of an amazingly beautiful sanctuary on the arm of my daddy as the bells chimed the hour.  within minutes, i would be married to the man i had spent the previous four years growing to love so deeply.

mrs. joshua lewis.  it's a title i wear proudly because it ties me eternally to a man of great faith, love, integrity, and humility.  he's a joy, he's a blessing, he's a gift.  and he's mine. 

september 16, 2010.  at 12:00 am, i laid on the bed in a somewhat messy bedroom in the arms of my husband as the breathing of our children whispered over the monitor.  in those minutes, i listened to the man that i've spent fourteen years growing to love so deeply as he prayed for me - for us - and told me that he loved me.

what a precious ten years of marriage this has been.

and to top it off, this is what was waiting for me when i woke up this morning:

Dear Josh -- It’s the night before your wedding, and I know a lot is going through your mind. Lots of people here, a lot going on. But I know what is weighing most on your mind is the thought of all that tomorrow will bring – what it all means. As I sit here, ten years in the future looking back on it all, I can tell you without question that you are making the best decision you could ever make. Allison will prove to be one of the sweetest, strongest, most compassionate, and loving women you will ever encounter. Your time with her will be unlike anyone else in this world – minutes will seem like years, and years will seem like minutes. She is your soul mate. Rest easy. 
You have chosen wisely.

But as you go into this beautiful marriage, let me give you a couple tips. First, always make noise before walking around a corner. This is for your own safety. She’s as skittish as a cat and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of sight, you’re guaranteed to scare her.

Next, be ready for hard times. They are coming. Some will be very hard. She’s going to need you more than you will know. But know that those times will ultimately draw you closer to each other and to God. Your relationship will be stronger because of them. Love and hold her through the pain – you will take great joy in watching her heal and grow even stronger in the process.

Show her you love her in ways that she understands and appreciates. A couple ideas that will save you some trouble: get home from work on time, rub her back when she’s not feeling good, and don’t make her ask to you to do things around the house. Whatever you do, make sure all of the trash gets out on trash days.

In a little over three years, on a cold night in November, you’re going to eat dinner together at a little Italian restaurant and talk about having kids. I know what you’ll be thinking: am I ready for this? The answer will be no, but do it anyway. Watching Allison become a mommy will be one of the most gratifying things you’ll watch. She will surprise you with all that she’s capable of – like how she can wake up at the slightest movement. Or how she’ll know just what to do when your little ones (yes, I said ones…plural) are upset. And how incredibly vigilant she will be for their spiritual purity and their physical safety and comfort. She will be amazing, as will be your life together as parents. It won’t always be easy, but your life together will truly begin when that part of the journey begins.

There are so many more memories you will experience that I wish I could tell you about, but they just wouldn’t make sense right now. Like the time when you lived in the Cobb’s basement. Or why there’s no meat in the house anymore. Or why dates like 1/6, 1/8, 1/29, 2/12, 3/15, 6/26, 8/13, 9/1, 9/26, and 11/12 mean so much. I’d love to tell you all about the Last Hoorah. But these are the dates and memories that you will look back on as the times that brought you closer together as a couple – by one way or another. 
As I sit here looking back at ten years, I wonder how many more we will have together. And I wonder what is in store. No way to know the answer to either of those questions, but I do know this. Our marriage is strong. My prayer is that God will strengthen it even more with each day to withstand the pressures and struggles we’re sure to encounter. 

As I walk into the second half of my life, I want no other lady by my side. She’s genuine. She’s lovely. She’s mine.

Josh (from 2010)

P.S. – Go ahead and get her a REALLY nice camera as soon as you can. Don’t worry it will pay for itself. Trust me.


Carrie said...

What a precious sentiment! Happy anniversary to both of you! We love you so very much!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Love it. Happy anniversary, y'all!

The Taylors said...

I must agree with every sentiment in the letter. Oh, and I have chill bumps and misty eyes after reading it.

Jaci said...

Happy anniversary :) love you both, this is so sweet!!!

Robin said...

"leave your comment" ...well a comment would require words and i am speechless! so sweet. we want to be you guys when we grow up!!

Libby said...

ok, that did it...I am crying and that usually comes from something written by another great guy I know. we are blessed to know you, thankful for this time and now have a change of plans for saturday night...ITS DATE NIGHT AND WE ARE KEEPING THE KIDDIES!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Bibby and Missle

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! That is an amazing letter - what a great thing to wake up to! I hope the next ten and beyond are just as amazing.

Giann said...

awww!!! Happy Anniversary, y'all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary..little late. i love you both! and, as robin said "i want to be y'all when i grow up!" no, seriously...your marriage and parenting is truly something i hope to mirror, one day. i've known it from the first trip to Cici's a long, long, LONG time ago at SU. Your love and strength are walking testimonies of what God speaks to when He ordains marriage. Looking forward to years to always, Anna