Saturday, June 5, 2010

our week in pictures

in no particular order:

we enjoyed breakfast out on the deck:

we played with the train set:

we read books (photos courtesy of abigail lewis photography):

i did a little scrubbing after a potty accident (hey, you take the bad with the good, right?):

we played "photo session":

we saved this little guy...

from this nasty guy...

(no, that's not the same cat who last weekend ate the entire nest of baby birds we had been watching for weeks now.  he was there, too, but something about my running towards him waving wildly and screaming "BOOGIE, BOOGIE" scared him off.)

we set our blog to have invitation-only readers:

jack and abby played in the band:

izzy announced that she had decided to suck her thumb.  thankfully, she had no clue what to do and quickly decided that thumb-sucking was overrated:

we cooked a yummy pasta dish:

we played hide 'n seek:

daddy set up the poor man's waterpark:

and we went to the art museum.  i don't actually have any photos of that, but make sure you check out the post i did after our first trip there.  it's a classic.

i did learn a couple of things while the kids were playing in the pool.  first of all, jack's face reacts violently to water droplets.

it's what i imagine a boxer's face would look like .2 seconds after the impact from his opponent's glove.  and it's the same every. single. time.

yes buddy...your face is still there.

izzy wasn't quite as bothered by the water, but poor thing...she just couldn't stay standing to save her life.

and speaking of izzy, this was one of my favorite pics from the week.  this is her watching the little bird we saved finally figure his way out of the screened-in porch once the cats were gone:


Nanny said...

Random thoughts about this blog post (in no particular order):
1.Jack's hair is growing back out (I like it). 2.LOVE the last picture of Izzy looking out the window, especially the little toes pressed against the window. 3.You all have had a very busy week. 4The "poor mans water park" is priceless. Kudos to Josh's ingenuity. 5.The picture of you reading to Isabel and her laughing is precious. 6.Abigail is growing by leaps and bounds.
7. I love you all very, very much!

Bethany said...

I LOVED THEM!!!!! The one of Izzy's little tootsies while she is playing trains is adorable, along with her and Jack playing hide and seek! The poor man's park is HILARIOUS!!! I absolutely love it, though that slide doesn't seem to be the pinnacle of safety conscious behavior!!! And Abby seems to be quite the talented photographer!

Anna said...

love the pictures! you are SO creative with your story pictures and in words! so thankful to still be able to read your blog though! love you all!

Karen Newcomer said...

Abigail Lewis Photography is pretty good - you may have some major competition there!