Sunday, September 12, 2010

overheard at our house today...

me (talking with isabel after a run-in with jack):  izzy, did you show kindness to your brother?
izzy (crying):  no ma'am.
me:  what does god teach us about how to act toward one another?
izzy (crying harder):  jesus died on the cwoss!

abby (watching me work out for the first time in a month):  ooh, mommy, i just heard something pop really loud on you.

thanks abs.


Anna said...

LOVE that picture of you and izzy! have an overheard at our house post in process! :) love you!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice the drastic difference in the photo of
Isabel in this post vs. the last post!! What a blessing good health is.
Anyway, love both these pictures of my sweet girls - all three of you!!

The Taylors said...

Did Abby get a haircut or is it just the picture?

Allison Lewis said...

brook, that's just what's left of a ponytail after a full day at oak mountain state park. ;-)