Saturday, September 18, 2010

by george, i think she's got it!

it's been over a year since that balmy day in july that abby first put her training wheels aside to independently ride her bike (and we put our spiritual training wheels aside to fully trust the LORD).  during that time, she's done a little riding here and there, but she's never quite been able to get the hang of riding all alone.

until now, that is.

while i was at a homeschool meeting this week, josh took the kids to run a couple of errands -- one of which was to put air in abby's bike tires.  when they got home, they hit the backyard to finish this thing. after an hour or so of practice that night combined with a whole morning's worth of practice the next day, she finally did it.  like really did it. 

and in case you were wondering, the tongue has a tremendous impact on balance.  you've gotta get it just right.


Anna said...

whoohoo! way to go Abby! We're so proud of you! cant wait to see you ride soon! hugs!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even notice the tongue at first! Too cute! Super job, Abigail!!
love, Nanny