Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Best Friend, Photoshop

This has been another one of those weeks where I feel like I'm on a treadmill that's going 10 miles per hour but my legs will only move at half that speed (this is all incredibly metaphorical, of and I both know you'll never find me on a treadmill!)

It's the same story as last week--only add a rush of photography sessions. And rather than spend an hour typing out what our crew has been up to, I'm going to toss a few of my favorite photos from each session in here and hop back onto Photoshop for more.

I've been doing this little cutie's photos since she was two weeks old. I've loved getting to know this family and watching their sweet baby girl as she's grown. When I first met her, she weighed five pounds, and at her nine-month session, she had just finally graduated to 3-6 months clothes!!

And remember this adorable munchkin I met at the Botanical Gardens not long ago?

Well her baby sister decided to make a five-week-early entrance into the world, and it was my joy to shoot newborn photos with her and the rest of the family.

Following in the Weekend of Many Babies, I also had a fantastic time doing a maternity session with a mom whose sweet little girl I met for photos a few months ago. I'm going really easy on the pictures here. Although the mom was absolutely radiant (and made gorgeous photos!), this isn't my belly to show. :-)

The last session I'm working on was from a young lady who is very special to our family. I used to babysit her and her siblings while I was in college, and she was the flower girl in our wedding. This is what she looked like back then...

...and you'll have to stay tuned to see her now in her Senior pictures. Unbelievable!


Anna said...

beautiful! i love the baby shots! they look so natural and sweet! BUT I canNOT believe youre making us wait to see those senior pics!!! :) love ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! You always do such a great job and I love looking at your work! Lauren