Monday, August 17, 2009

They're Rising Up Against Us

Revolt #1:
Went to my session Saturday evening. Had loads of fun shooting photos with my clients. Came home to edit pictures. Photoshop decided it was an independent contractor and no longer worked for me.

Revolt #2:
Had a fantastic night at church. Enjoyed fellowship with wonderful friends. Came home to edit pictures...and eat ice cream. Discovered refrigerator/freezer had had enough and no longer worked for me.


After an hour of diagnosing the problem on Google, I learned the the lovely bzzzzzzzz - click we were hearing is one of two things. The start relay is a fairly simple issue to resolve and costs around $200. The compressor, on the other hand, isn't so easy. It can be done, but it'll most likely cost more than a whole new refrigerator would. Anybody know how much fridges cost these days?

Well, I do, and I'm a bit nauseated just blogging about it.

In the meantime, the deep freezer we keep down in the basement is busting at the seams. We had to put heavy boxes on top of it just to keep it closed. The refrigerated food is nicely packed into coolers and sitting beside the refrigerator.

Clearly, the emphasis is on packed when I say "nicely packed".

But it hasn't all been yucky...

The kids got a treat today. The lot across the street from us was cleared way back for new construction, but as everything did around that time, construction came to a screeching halt before they had even laid the foundation. A group of self-named housewives on our street ("The Weatherford Wives"...yes, I'm serious) mentioned that they had heard the deal was back on and that construction would start soon. So when we came back from our mad dash out to buy ice to try and salvage the food, the kids were squealing with delight when they saw the tractors on our street.

All four of the very loud tractors. Yippee.

Jack clearly wasn't a fan of the really loud noise, but he loved watching the tractors as they were unloaded from the semis.

While we were still in the car, Izzy thought the busy scene was fantastic, but as soon as we got out and she heard the noise, she decided tractors weren't for her.

As long as she stayed with me, though (and as long as Jack kept his ears covered), we had a fun time watching the tractors at work.

There are two other great things to note as well. Our dossier arrived in DC today, and Josh is attending his first seminary class as we speak!

Stay tuned for the diagnosis when the repairman comes tomorrow. (Feel free to pray for a diagnosis of the less expensive issue...gracious knows we are!)


Anonymous said...

I'm sad the vacant lot is going to be filled. And I hate you are going to have so much noise so close to your house for the next few months. That's going to make nap-time interesting! But I also know Jack is going to love watching all those tractors! From the looks on Isabel's face, maybe she'd better come stay with Nana for a while!!

Anna said...

i am LOVING the tractor pictures! oh Addie would have been squealing with glee!

I feel your pain...I'm so thankful you have a 2nd freezer. We didnt and had to race to my mom's to rearrange and stuff her freezer with our food before we lost it all! I will most certainly pray for the LEAST expensive repair and that you will NOT be needing a new frig! Let us know how it goes!

Love and hugs to you all!