Friday, August 21, 2009

It Was Quite The Party

Abby's little buddy, Molly, started kindergarten this week. Her parents had a meeting at the school last night, so they dropped their three little ones off at our house to visit for a while. It was pretty late in the evening when they got here, so Kerry had one request of try to keep them quiet and settled down so they could go straight to bed when they got home.

So how do you think I did?

I tried. Really, I did. See? Look at how calm they were...

But then I made the mistake of trying to keep them quiet by putting on one of Abby's favorite videos. It's a sweet little movie of children singing traditional Christmas carols (we watch it throughout the year!), but it obviously had a strange, make-'em-wild effect, and they were dancing all over the place.

I rounded up the troops, introduced the "you have to be sitting" rule, and things seemed to settle down. I even saw a few yawns...

But just when I thought they were settling into the sleepytime trance...

...something would get their giggle boxes turned over, and it would start all over again!

So I finally turned down the lights, grabbed a comfy quilt and some pillows, and they finished off the rest of the little video in peace.

There's not much cuter than seeing those six little munchkins snuggled up together in their jammies!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these pictures of all these little ones. I was especially struck at how evident it is that Isabel's personality has exploded upon the world!